At Lemieux Solutions one of our specialties is Structural Repair, if your structure is sinking in an area, we can come in and find out why, what’s going on, and what’s the best solution to rectify the particular situation. Our Structural work doesn’t stop there though. We can add structure to an existing building, like a Home Extension, Porch Roof Addition to give you coverage from the elements. We can Remove Walls, to transform your close quarters home, to an open concept design. We can replace your entire roof structure, to give you a greater, or less slope, we can also cut into your roof and add a dormer to give you more room upstairs.


To summarize what our Structural work is able to do for you

  • Home Extension
  • Remove walls
  • Replace entire Roof
  • Identify Structural Problems
  • Build Custom Gazebo

And so much more!