Exterior Renovations are the most important for a healthy life of your home. We cover everything outside, from the essentials to the luxuries and everything in between.

Siding / Roofing / Concrete / Deck / Patio / Screened Porch / Gazebo / Wheelchair Ramp


        Asphalt shingles are always a good choice, they do the job and offer great protection for your home. We install Quality materials that you see, and underneath the shingles as well for the best protection. Give us a call, and we can explain everything about your roof, or request an in home free estimate and we’d be glad to come and see you.

Steel Roofing

         Steel roofs, like so many other things in construction, come in many different styles. We install the best materials on the market, and have the best systems to make your job go smoothly, saving you money! Most of the steel roofs we install come with a 50 YEAR GUARANTEE on the paint, but i believe the material will last a LIFE TIME. Steel roofing is the best option for your long term home.


          New siding will give you home a whole new look. We can install anything you want, we’ve installed it all already. Our product lines can be brought right to you, so that you can feel and see the products we’re selling, before you pick one without knowing about all of them. Siding Materials all have different benefits, from being more fire proof, more weather resistant, or a stronger all around siding. We can help you choose the right product for you.

Concrete Stairs and Walkways

          By far the best way to go is concrete, it will last the longest, it has the best slip resistance and you don’t have to re-finish it every other year. Concrete can be put anywhere you want, it can warp around your house to make a beautiful concrete patio, or it can take you safely from your door to your driveway.

Decks And Patios

         A great addition to your back yard, somewhere nice to go when the weather permits. A wood deck or patio around your house can be your Zen place in the summer, to sit and read or to just enjoy the sunshine. Custom built flower pots to go with it, this is the place to be in the warmer months.

Screen Porch

          Screen Porch additions will make your life a living dream. Screened Porches offer the best that summer months can provide, lots of sun, breezy, and free from insects. If you want to really enjoy the summer, even into the night consider going for this Addition, you wont regret it!


          Gazebos are the next best thing, or better depending on what you’re after. If you want the luxury of sitting in the shade in the middle of your lawn, a gazebo is the way to go. Normally your Gazebo will go with some of our other options as well, weather you want a concrete slab or Pavé Uni, or just a wood structure to sit it on. You can have it screened in or wide open the choice is yours!

Wheelchair Ramps And Handicap Accessories

          With the population getting older, the necessity for these is going to grow and will be incorporated more and more into our construction projects. For you or your loved ones consider having us tailor to your needs, we know the right questions to ask, and how to resolve the issue you’re currently having.

“The number of older persons has more than tripled since 1950; it will almost triple again by 2050”. According to the UN’s Population Division, we are living through a period of population ageing that is ‘without parallel in the history of humanity”